Service Info


Endpoint URL


Parameter Required Type Default value Description
apikey yes text Your 42-character personal API key
format no text xml Response type. Use one of the following: xml, json

Response Fields - simple

Field Type Description
ID int The assigned ID by MyShipTracking for the subject Fleet
NAME text Fleet Name
VESSELS_COUNT real The total number of vessels in the fleet
MODIFIED datetime Last edit on fleet
IS_PUBLIC int 0 Fleet is not Publicly visible
1 Fleet is Publicly visible

Usage Example

<FLEET ID="000" NAME="My First Fleet" VESSELS_COUNT="48" MODIFIED="2018-08-09 04:44" IS_PUBLIC="1" />
<FLEET ID="000" NAME="Cargo Ships" VESSELS_COUNT="62" MODIFIED="2018-09-09 06:02" IS_PUBLIC="0" />
        "ID": "000",
        "NAME": "My First Fleet",
        "VESSELS_COUNT": 48,
        "MODIFIED": "2018-08-09 04:44",
        "IS_PUBLIC": 1
        "ID": "000",
        "NAME": "Cargo Ships",
        "VESSELS_COUNT": 62,
        "MODIFIED": "2018-09-09 06:02",
        "IS_PUBLIC": 0