• VSL02 - Vessel Historical Track

Service Info


Endpoint URL



Parameter Required Type Default value Description
apikey yes text Your 42-character personal API key
src no text ter ter: Return records captured by terrestrial ais only.
sat: Return records captured by terrestrial-ais and satellite-ais.
timegroup no int 1 The group interval (in minutes) for the returned positions.
  • Eg 10 will return 1 position for every 10 minutes. (6 positions / hour)
  • Max Value: 60 (1 position / hour)
  • 0 value will return all available positions.
days yes (use days or fromdate-todate) int The number of days, starting from the time of request and going backwards.
Max value is 90 (days)
fromdate datetime Date format: YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM
The range between fromdate and todate must be 90 days max
todate datetime
mmsi yes (only use one option) int MMSI number
imo int IMO number
format no text xml Response type. Use one of the following: xml, json

Response Fields

Terrestrial-AIS: 1 credit/record
Field Type Description
LAT real Latitude
LNG real Longitude
COURSE real The course (in degrees)
SPEED real The speed (in knots)
TIMESTAMP datetime The date and time (in UTC) that the data was received
SRC text Source of AIS data - TER: Terrestrial-AIS or SAT: Satellite-AIS

Usage Example

<POS LAT="37.37708" LNG="24.69544" COURSE="128.7" SPEED="23.5" TIMESTAMP="2018-11-30T14:00:06" SRC="TER" />
<POS LAT="37.52082" LNG="24.26621" COURSE="112.1" SPEED="24.0" TIMESTAMP="2018-11-30T13:00:43" SRC="TER" />
<POS LAT="37.66073" LNG="23.78497" COURSE="103.8" SPEED="24.7" TIMESTAMP="2018-11-30T12:00:11" SRC="TER" />
<POS LAT="37.94711" LNG="23.63987" COURSE="254.0" SPEED="2.5" TIMESTAMP="2018-11-30T11:01:33" SRC="TER" />
<POS LAT="37.94455" LNG="23.63741" COURSE="203.0" SPEED="3.2" TIMESTAMP="2018-11-29T22:00:36" SRC="TER" />
<POS LAT="37.68758" LNG="23.77931" COURSE="299.0" SPEED="24.5" TIMESTAMP="2018-11-29T21:00:32" SRC="TER" />
<POS LAT="37.52375" LNG="24.23877" COURSE="295.4" SPEED="24.0" TIMESTAMP="2018-11-29T20:01:59" SRC="TER" />
<POS LAT="37.37123" LNG="24.68996" COURSE="308.6" SPEED="24.7" TIMESTAMP="2018-11-29T19:00:31" SRC="TER" />
<POS LAT="37.11698" LNG="25.09204" COURSE="309.3" SPEED="23.8" TIMESTAMP="2018-11-29T18:00:15" SRC="TER" />
<POS LAT="37.17531" LNG="25.29045" COURSE="295.8" SPEED="24.2" TIMESTAMP="2018-11-29T17:00:47" SRC="TER" />
<POS LAT="37.00151" LNG="25.29109" COURSE="11.8" SPEED="23.7" TIMESTAMP="2018-11-29T16:00:52" SRC="TER" />
<POS LAT="36.61072" LNG="25.28091" COURSE="332.6" SPEED="24.2" TIMESTAMP="2018-11-29T15:00:08" SRC="TER" />
<POS LAT="36.58382" LNG="25.29720" COURSE="336.7" SPEED="24.2" TIMESTAMP="2018-11-29T14:55:40" SRC="TER" />
<POS LAT="36.72411" LNG="25.27124" COURSE="304.0" SPEED="0.7" TIMESTAMP="2018-11-29T12:18:53" SRC="TER" />
<POS LAT="36.72429" LNG="25.27134" COURSE="314.0" SPEED="1.4" TIMESTAMP="2018-11-29T12:18:07" SRC="TER" />
<POS LAT="36.72438" LNG="25.27153" COURSE="344.0" SPEED="0.8" TIMESTAMP="2018-11-29T12:17:00" SRC="TER" />
<POS LAT="36.72419" LNG="25.27148" COURSE="3.0" SPEED="3.3" TIMESTAMP="2018-11-29T12:16:37" SRC="TER" />
<POS LAT="36.72395" LNG="25.27137" COURSE="20.2" SPEED="6.0" TIMESTAMP="2018-11-29T12:16:23" SRC="TER" />
<POS LAT="36.72289" LNG="25.26917" COURSE="69.0" SPEED="12.5" TIMESTAMP="2018-11-29T12:15:35" SRC="TER" />
<POS LAT="36.72260" LNG="25.26836" COURSE="62.5" SPEED="13.7" TIMESTAMP="2018-11-29T12:15:23" SRC="TER" />
<POS LAT="36.72221" LNG="25.26753" COURSE="56.7" SPEED="14.2" TIMESTAMP="2018-11-29T12:15:11" SRC="TER" />
<POS LAT="36.72151" LNG="25.26634" COURSE="50.2" SPEED="14.4" TIMESTAMP="2018-11-29T12:14:53" SRC="TER" />
<POS LAT="36.72069" LNG="25.26523" COURSE="43.9" SPEED="14.9" TIMESTAMP="2018-11-29T12:14:35" SRC="TER" />
<POS LAT="36.72033" LNG="25.26482" COURSE="39.9" SPEED="15.2" TIMESTAMP="2018-11-29T12:14:28" SRC="TER" />
<POS LAT="36.71661" LNG="25.26261" COURSE="19.8" SPEED="16.2" TIMESTAMP="2018-11-29T12:13:31" SRC="TER" />
<POS LAT="36.71396" LNG="25.26136" COURSE="24.6" SPEED="17.3" TIMESTAMP="2018-11-29T12:12:55" SRC="TER" />
<POS LAT="36.71337" LNG="25.26102" COURSE="27.3" SPEED="18.2" TIMESTAMP="2018-11-29T12:12:47" SRC="TER" />
<POS LAT="36.71278" LNG="25.26059" COURSE="32.8" SPEED="19.4" TIMESTAMP="2018-11-29T12:12:39" SRC="TER" />
<POS LAT="36.71160" LNG="25.25944" COURSE="43.9" SPEED="21.7" TIMESTAMP="2018-11-29T12:12:23" SRC="TER" />
<POS LAT="36.71103" LNG="25.25872" COURSE="48.7" SPEED="22.2" TIMESTAMP="2018-11-29T12:12:15" SRC="TER" />
<POS LAT="36.71052" LNG="25.25793" COURSE="55.4" SPEED="22.4" TIMESTAMP="2018-11-29T12:12:07" SRC="TER" />
        "LAT": "36.72429",
        "LNG": "25.27134",
        "COURSE": "314.0",
        "SPEED": "1.4",
        "TIMESTAMP": "2018-11-29T12:18:07",
        "SRC": "TER"
        "LAT": "36.72221",
        "LNG": "25.26753",
        "COURSE": "56.7",
        "SPEED": "14.2",
        "TIMESTAMP": "2018-11-29T12:15:11",
        "SRC": "TER"
        "LAT": "36.71052",
        "LNG": "25.25793",
        "COURSE": "55.4",
        "SPEED": "22.4",
        "TIMESTAMP": "2018-11-29T12:12:07",
        "SRC": "TER"